Saturday, August 12, 2006

I've updated some pic's, but at the moment i don't have much time...

I've got three blog's running, they are :

I'll hope you enjoy them!!

ps. fill them with your horny comments..

Thursday, August 10, 2006

I am the Creator of this Blog, this Blog is about me.. A male, who has found his self some thought's the whole world maby can learn from... You will not read who I am, Where I am, or so on.. That's not the point.. The point is the way of develloping and sattisfying some of those thought's and stop, block other's. You will be the one who made them, you have some feelings, some are 'dark-feelings'.
Those thought's sometimes can connect somewhere with 'lifestyle', 'religion', but mostly they are 'Sex-Thought's and Porn-Activity'...

Your Thought's, your feelings about it..
your Desicions, your hobby, your fettish??

You are the one who is making the desicion if you go on and develop a thought to reality, or is it maby something, you should feel ashamed for.. Ashamed, for who? why?

Why, not go on doing things you'll like.. If you're not Hurting anyone..
You can do it in secret first and look how it is developping..
This is like you are 'In the Closet'...

At this place I can enroll my 'Dark Side's Thought's'..
This will be my 'Dark Side' - Autobiografy.

You can read where I am now in life and 'my evolution as male person'...
You can read where my life and the/or a specific side of my life is developing to.. Sometimes, i think, this side is too mutch in the closet and other times it worries me a bit.. but i've also got the needs to explore and experience..

I hope you enjoy yourself, maby, my material (icluding the post's of other people all around the globe!!!) will satisfy some of your own (secret?) feelings..
(Also those of the Woman around us!!)

This blog also will function as my main BlogEntry point
At this blog you'll find link's to my 'Dark Side' Category-Blog's

At the moment I've got two Blog's, I've started them cause of my attraction to woman-underwear.. My Fettish? Not all underwear, Just the very tiny.. or just the view of straps above a trouser...
The other one 'is an entry point where i can upload the daily (almost) pic's i'll find during normal computer use or, sometimes, by searching on the internet.. I'm still a Man..

Some people will think 'discusting!!!', Other's have the same feelings, thoughts.. Other people are mutch more extreme...

Feel free to react at the posts and to share your thought's..

Have fun, thank you

Master X